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Bitcoin is a revolutionary invention of the last decade. Its essential meaning is money digitization.


It became the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network for using without any central authority or middlemen. In a nutshell, bitcoin is the money for Internet. Its original purpose is providing all people with universal currency for different operations. Bitcoin can also be described as the most prominent triple entry bookkeeping system in existence. Bitcoin has already changed people's understanding of currency, payment and monetary system in whole. Its crucial feature is that there is no need in third party actions as people make peer-to-peer (P2P) payments just in 10 minutes, unlike credit cards which can take up to weeks to process payment.

Our Advantages

Simple, Fast and Secure Way to buy bircoins


Buy and Sell bitcoins


There are two ways to buy bitcoins : with a credit card or on an exchange.


Simple steps to Get Started


Download an app or program Bitcoin Wallet which allows you to send and receive bitcoins. There are many wallets across various platforms. While their features vary, their functionality remains.


Safe & Secure


The process of sending bitcoins is very easy. In two words, you need to send receiver's public Bitcoin address in your wallet, specify the amount, confirm address and send.

Our Team

Timothy Dumbledore


Years before traditional venture capital firms became involved, he became the first person in the world to start investing in Bitcoin related-startups.

Lisa Sanchez


Lisa first heard about Bitcoin in late 2012 and began bitcoin mining in mid-2013 using custom-built ASIC miners. She is a real professional.

Kyle Wong


After working for two years as a security specialist at Nasdaq OMX, he decided to get involved in Bitcoin and founded the bitcoin exchange agency.

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I invested 0.5 at Start Plan. It wasn’t easy to wait 30 days to have my bitcoins doubled, but most important thing is this site is legit and paying. I will invest again.

Jonathan Olson

I love to have extra money. It’s sooo great to come back rested, tanned etc and with extra money at your accounts, just like I did. Good work, guys!

Liz Michaelson

My family and me want to thank you for helping us find a great opportunity to make money online. I am more than happy with how things are going!

Mike Woods

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