Our Clients

We helped more than sixty groundbreaking organizations in the financial technology sector achieve recognition and acclaim. From global bitcoin exchanges to blockchain not-for-profits, to novel social media platforms and beyond.

Vintage California


Vintage California, one of the world’s most popular social networks, they joined Bitcoin in May 2017.



Bitcoin provides the underlying infrastructure and support for Tourner product offering, and acts as the AML-regulated broker.

Retro Press


Retro Press uses our financial services – including brokerage, trading, asset management, and consulting solutions.



Bitcoin helped Beats to build the leading cryptographic ecosystem, to foster the development of digital technologies.

Jameson Co.


Bitcoin assisted Jameson Co. in securing global top-tier media coverage to offer Bitcoin and crypto-asset management to clients.

Oaks Inc.

Oaks Inc.continually increase the awareness amongst both financial services institutions and cryptocurrency startups.